Our Mission

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kindgergartenThe Christian School of Grace Baptist Church seeks to partner with parents by providing for their children a Christ-centered education that prepares them to serve God for time and eternity with their head, heart, and hands.

grace baptist christian school second gradeOur students are continually reminded of the truth that they are creatures made in God’s image and thus responsible to love Him with all their strength and mind (Luke 10:27). Bible study therefore is not the only class period for Christian instruction. Our teachers seek to point out that every exercise of the mind is to be in service to God and subject to His direction. Since we are preparing children to walk before the Lord, we labor to give them a Christian world and life view in all things. Because we strive to impress upon our students God’s law, order and discipline will be expected of them. Since we are anxious to make Christ’s gospel known to the children, no opportunity will be overlooked in applying God’s Word to their particular problems and questions. Though hours will be spent when God’s name is not expressly mentioned or the Bible opened, we labor to foster a sense of His presence, interest and rule at all times.

grace baptist christian school The curriculum includes Bible, reading, English, spelling, math, science, social studies, music appreciation, art, speech, Spanish (7th & 8th), and physical education. The Christian School of Grace Baptist Church meets or exceeds all State of Pennsylvania curriculum requirements for each grade level. Technology classes include desktop publishing, spreadsheet, multimedia presentations, database and internet safety. Quarterly computer projects are integrated with classroom curriculum.