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    • The Christian School of Grace Baptist Church is a private school dedicated to educating and nurturing the mind, body and spirit of boys and girls in pre-K through grade 8.

      The Christian School of Grace Baptist Church seeks to prepare children to serve God in this life and the next, through teaching God’s Word and its application in all that we do. Since we are preparing children to walk before the Lord, we labor to give them a Christian world and life view in all things.

      Through a Christ-centered curriculum, dedicated Christian teachers and academic excellence, the school strives to assist Christian parents with the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and creative development of their children.

      christ-centered education
      partnering with parents
      nurturing mind, body, and spirit
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        The Christian School of
        Grace Baptist Church

        777 West North Street
        Carlisle, PA 17013

        Office Hours:
        8:00 AM – 3:00 PM