The purpose of athletic team participation is to provide opportunity for the physical training of the body. Competition, teamwork and sportsmanship are also key aspects of our athletic program.

We play as an independent school and compete with Christian, private and public schools. Our stated goal is to practice or play on two school days plus Friday, where possible, so that the students have adequate time for home duties and study obligations.

Soccer games are played on the home field located across the street from the school. The soccer field is directly behind the school playground. Access to the field is via the Carlisle High School parking lot (North Orange and West Penn Streets).

The school does not have a gym. Home basketball games are played at the Stuart Community Center (home of Carlisle Parks & Recreation), 415 Franklin Street, Carlisle which is just blocks from the school. Interscholastic soccer competition is available for girls and boys in grades 5-8.

Girls 2017-2018 Soccer Team


 Boys 2017-2018 Soccer Team

Boys and girls in grades 6-8 may play basketball. (Depending upon the number of team members, 5th graders may be allowed to participate.)

Boys’ Basketball Team 2017-2018

Girls’ Basketball Team 2017-2018

NOTE: Students wishing to participate in interscholastic sports must maintain average or above average grades in their class work. Students whose work falls below that level will be dropped from the team until it is evident that their class work is up to a satisfactory level, whereupon they may be reinstated onto the team.

All Stars named to the Central Penn Basketball League (2017-2018).