Fine Arts is one of the most comprehensive programs which the School undertakes. In the Spring, volunteers coach each of the 5th- 8th grade students in the art of public speaking. All fifth grade students are assigned a poem, while 6th-8th grade students may choose from poetry, drama, declamation, or interpretive readings. After several coaching sessions, another set of community volunteers provide judging for the students in the speech categories, as well as piano, instrumental, vocal, choral and the visual arts.

Selections from these performances and presentations are then chosen for a public program. Each of the classes in grades K-4 also prepare a group performance for presentation at the Fine Arts program.

Finally, the students have opportunity to attend a regional festival sponsored by the Middle Atlantic Christian School Association. Frequently students from the Christian School of Grace Baptist Church receive “Excellent” and “Superior” ratings. Additionally, the school choir has garnered high honors for their performances.




Grades 1-8 participate weekly in organized music classes. Students not only sing, but also learn about musicians, instruments and music history. Opportunity is given for students to demonstrate their musical talents vocally or instrumentally.


Grades 5-8 form the school choir. This musical group practices singing in parts. The school choir performs both classical and religious selections. Students may audition for the Boys’ Ensemble or the Girls’ Ensemble and/or the Mixed Ensemble.



Classroom teachers in Kindergarten through second grade provide art instruction for their students. Grades 3 through 6 participate weekly in an organized art class. Students in grades 5-8 may enter original art work for adjudication in the annual Fine Arts Festival. Winners represent the school at the Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association regional festival.


A highlight of school life at the Christian School of Grace Baptist Church is the school play which involves the whole student body. Recently we performed a patriotic play, and the production of “Pilgrim’s Progress” has been a perennial favorite throughout our school’s history.