This event is one of the most comprehensive programs which the school undertakes.  Each Spring volunteers  “coach” each of the 5th-8th grade students in the art of public speaking.  All 5th grade students are assigned a poem, while 6th-8th grade students may choose from poetry, drama, declamation, or interpretive readings.  After several coaching sessions, another set of community volunteers provide judging for the students in the speech categories, as well as piano, instrumental, vocal, choral and the visual arts. Selections from these performances and presentations are then chosen for a public program.  Each of the classes in grades K-4 also prepare a group performance for presentation at the Fine Arts Program. Finally, the students have opportunity to attend a regional festival sponsored by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).


Choir is held one period weekly for students in grades 5-8.







5th Grader Alicia Wolfe
2016 Elementary Granch Champaion CASAC Science Fair

Students in grades 5-8 must participate in the CASAC Science Fair in alternate school years. Students may prepare projects for the fair each year beginning in grade 4.  In the years when projects are not required, the school provides additional awards to encourage all students to continue their growth in the area of scientific method.


National Geographic Magazine provides the school with bowl materials.  Grades 4 – 8 have a class bowl where two winners are selected.  These 10 students then compete with one another to select the school champion.  If the school champion scores well on a written exam, he/she may represent the school in Harrisburg at the state bowl.


Spelling Bee is sponsored by MACSA each year.  This event is generally held in March.  The top two spellers in 5th and 6th grades combined and the top two spellers in 7th & 8th grades combined represent our school at the MACSA spelling bee.  School representatives are decided in the school’s bee held each February.



Each grade takes at least two field trips each year.
Kindergarten:  Explore & More, Gettysburg
1st Grade:  Lake Tobias and Colonel Denning
2nd Grade:  Indian Echo Caverns and Giant Food Store
3rd Grade:  Little Buffalo State Park
4th Grade:  Pennsylvania State Capitol, Tabernacle in Lancaster
5th/6th Grades:  Trips at the Discretion of the teacher (Whitaker Center, State Museum, Harrisburg Symphony)
7th Grade & 8th Grade: Washington, D. C., Creation Museum, Spruce Lake Outdoor School