Our History

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Grace Baptist Church had been in existence for seventeenplayground
years before a dream would come to fruition:  establishing a Christian school for our children.  In 1968 the Christian School of Grace Baptist Church opened its doors and has been used of God to educate not only children from our church family, but also other children from the greater Carlisle area.

In 1999 when the church expanded its facilities, our school was given use of brand new classrooms.  Because of the generosity of the friends of our school we were able to develop our own practice field for soccer and field hockey, as well as construct a wonderful jungle gym structure for the younger children.

Jan Springer First GradeGod has blessed The Christian School with both excellent board leadership as well as qualified Christian teachers.  The Christian School of Grace Baptist Church has consistently been able to provide a God-centered education in a traditional classroom setting.  The school focuses on outstanding teachers giving instruction  to a student body of potentially 160 students.

God’s blessing has been evident over these past years, and we pray that our school will continue for many years to come, giving children a solid foundation academically, training them to be a force for good culturally, and most of all, pointing them to Christ so that, by God’s grace, they may become citizens of His Kingdom.